TOP 10: places in Ireland everyone needs to visit…

5. Skellig Islands

On the top, Skellig Michael. By Elaine Farrell.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is close to the Ring of Kerry and is a pair of small rocky mounds emerging from the sea near Portmagee. These two islands; Skellig Michael and Little Skellig are home to a wide array of wildlife and a 6th century complex.

4. Glendalough

glendalough joe

Also known as the Valley of Two Lakes, it is a prominent monastic site and is nestled in the midst of Wicklow Mountains and gives you a wonderful experience of the countryside of Ireland.

3. Cliffs of Moher

cliffs of moher

Rising up to 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean in Western Ireland, these cliffs are frequented by tourists and offer incredible views all along the 8 km stretch from Hags Head to Doolin spanning over Galway Bay and the Twelve Pin mountain range.

2. The Giant’s Causeway

giants causway

One of the few natural wonders present on Earth, it comprises of 40,000 polygonal basalt rock columns and is created by volcanic landscape that spreads over gigantic stepping stones, making it a beautiful pathway.

1. Ring of Kerry

ring of kerry

One of the most scenic tourists trails and spread over 120 miles; Ring of Kerry offers spectacular views of meadows, lakes and rugged mountains. It is the longest and oldest walking route of Ireland and a UNESCO World Heritage biosphere reserve.

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  • Kevin Breslin

    Mmmmm interesting. You have Cliffs of Moher 3rd and yet Sliabh Liag is not even on the list? Think you need to visit Sliabh Liag then rethink this top 10. Seriously.