The 23 Best places in Ireland to have Fish and Chips before you die

Ireland is a place where you are guaranteed great Fish and Chips. Here is the 25 best places to eat this amazing meal.

1. Donkey Ford’s, Limerick

Facebook: Donkey Fords

This place doesn’t look it would be any good from the outside, however, this place serves fantastic chips that are to die for!

2. Beshoffs, Howth

Facebook: Beshoffs Howth
Facebook: Beshoffs Howth

Amazing food just a stone-throw from the sea. Grab a chipper from here and then go eat it by the lovely sea!

3. Mr Chippie, Letterkenny

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

One of the best Chippers in the county of Donegal! A must if you are passing through!

 4. Donegal’s Famous Chipper, Donegal Town

donegal famous

Another of the greats in Donegal! If you are in Donegal town and fancy a chippy, go here!!

5. KC & Sons & Sons, Cork

Facebook: K.C & Sons & Sons
Facebook: K.C & Sons & Sons

This place is so popular that it is known for having long queues to get food, however, once you get your food you will forget about the long wait! Worth every minute!

6. Super Miss Sue, Dublin

Instagram: @smsdublin
Instagram: @smsdublin

This place gives you the choice between a sit-down restaurant and a takeaway, the menu also has variety and is lush! A must in Dublin!

7. The Fish Shop, Smithfield

Facebook: Fish Shop

A classic chipper in Smithfield, everything you need!

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  • Shan217

    You can’t see the boats going out to sea at Johnnie Walker’s in Waterford like you suggest you chancers! The chipper is in the middle of the town on a busy road surrounded by shops and houses! The picture you have is false. The Merrion is also far superior. This is just a nonsense list. To have 4 Dublin chippers and not include Burdock’s in Christchurch (or any of the other branches) is criminal. You are either bullshitters or idiots.

  • Friar Chuck Hickey

    You missed my favorite, Morton’s in Ballycastle. The Morton family bring the fish in fresh each day on their own boat. No need to walk far for a great view, take away is the only fare right at the harbor. None better in my book.

  • Katrin

    My favorite place to have fish and chips is also missing. Try: Vaughans Anchor Inn nearby the cliffs of moher. We spent there some fantastic evenings!

  • Colly Graham

    You missed a place which is the top ten

  • John Wilson

    You forgot one of the oldest and best: Leo Burdock, 2 Werburg Street, Christchurch, Dublin 2 – been around for over 100 years !

  • Luca Mininno

    I am telling you the best Fish & Chips that I ever tried during my holidays in Ireland is in a small town of Bellek county Fermanagh in this lovely place call The Forge….you have just to try it…..

  • Bob Emprimo Still cut their own chips — None of that frozen, nasty . . .

  • Darren Enright

    Mick dempseys blessington great spot bag of chips 1.60 burger 1.90 and a sausage for 40c that’s all he’s got on the menu but it’s lovely makes the top 20 all day long
    Plus he cuts his chips fresh not frozen highly recommend

  • Lucy O’Neill

    Rossi’s in Charleville, Co. Cork serves the best chips ever!

  • Matthew Conway

    Best chippy of the north coast is Mortons in Ballycastle…..

  • jvhughes

    I cannot believe that you have missed Harrington’s in Dingle? During the course of the past year I have taken 120 tourists to eat in this amazing restaurant and not one person failed to class it as the best fish and chips they have ever eaten; if there was a Michelin for Fish ‘n’ Chips Restaurants then this one would already be sitting with at least 2 stars. That’s how great it is.

  • Earl

    I would certainly put The Mad Monk in Midelton in the running.

  • No 2 was truly amazing!:)