14 reasons why anyone would want to live in Ireland

Ireland is an small island at the edge of Europe which offers an abundance of history, culture and natural beauty. It is a truly magical place and anyone living there should be grateful for how lucky they are to live there. This article outlines 14 reasons why anyone would want to live on this amazing island.

1. Because we have golf courses that look like this:

royal co down
Royal County Down Golf Club, Co. Down.


2. Because the top of our hills look like this:

Slieve League, Co. Donegal.


3. Because we have rocks that look like this:

giants causway
Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim.


4. Because we have paths that look like this:

Cuilcagh Way, Co. Fermanagh.


5. Because we have coastal roads that look like this:

Have you discovered Co. Antrim yet.. Credit Christopher Gribben Photography
Causeway Coastal Route, Co. Antrim.


6. Because we have waterfalls like this:


Glenevin Waterfall, Co. Donegal.


7. Because we have abandoned quarries like this:

Portroe Quarry
Abandoned Portroe Quarry, Co. Tipperary.

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  • picturesbyRay

    Nice article but in restricting the item to 14 reasons for living in Ireland, you’ve totally ignored the province of Munster, which makes up a large part of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. In doing this you’ve missed out on The Cliffs of Mohar, The Dingle peninsula, The Beragh peninsula, The Skelligs & Garnish Island. I’m sure there’s more but maybe a supplemental article ’14 more reasons to live in Ireland’ might be appropriate.

  • Crap Hatter