TOP 10: Islands off the coast of Ireland

5. Dursey Island

The only cable car in Ireland is here
The only cable car in Ireland is here

The Dursey Island can be accessed through the cable cars of Ireland that run up to 250m. These are the only cable cars in all of Ireland and this as a result, this can seem a frightening journey for travellers who are afraid of heights. This island has numerous walking routes including the trail of the Beara Way which is beautiful for anyone interested in hiking that complements their fitness. With no pubs, restaurants or shops, the Dursey Island is still the best place for day trippers. Even the views to look around are spectacular and are wonderful.

4. Skellig Michael

Little Skellig from Skellig Michael (irs10-TM)

This island is also known as the Skellig Island and can be reached by boat from the mainland. On arrival, tourists will be met with five hundred steps on the old stone stairway. Movie lovers may remember this island from the final scene of the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The stone huts that are shaped as a beehive are exactly where the monks once lived and prayed. Alongside is the holy wells and the St. Michael Church for pilgrimage.

3. Sherkin Island


This island is historically called as the Inisherkin and this lies within the southwest part of the Country Cork. The island is known for its sailing regatta and approximately 100 people live here. The good thing about this island is that it is accessible among the islands in Ireland. In addition, the island offers amazing views of natural beauty from the hilltops while some of the beaches are composed of the finest sand. The Sherkin Island’s botanical richness is second in place to the Burren in the Country Clare. It offers different kinds and breeds of birds while the visitors may spot the rarest migrants. There is also a good spot in fishing that visitors around may spot otters, seals, porpoises and dolphins. If you want, you may also enjoy the whale watching experience.

2. Cape Clear Island


This island is the southernmost island inhabited by people who can speak the Irish language in Ireland. On this island, you can expect to see the romantic scenery, busting harbours, bogs, beautiful cliffs and unique views in the hilltop. The Cape Clear Island International Storytelling is a famous festival that is held early in the month of September. This mainly offers a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the ancient form of arts. They can also hear some of the talented tale tellers or spinners of some countries.

1. Rathlin Island


Rathlin is the most northern significant island the whole island of Ireland. This island has an abundance of wildlife, beauty and culture. The island is known for having Ireland’s largest colony of seabirds and a deserted and rural feel that will make you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you do want to socialise on the island, there is an excellent pub called McCuaig’s Barr on the island where you can have a few pints of Guinness and meet a lot of interesting characters.

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    There is one very beautifull island that’s always forgotten: Inis Meáin. Very quiet and authentic with 4 good b&b’s and a great pub.

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